Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Buy a Binder and Be Organized!

Start the school year off right with good organization! No more forgetting the sack lunch on field trip day or losing that special spelling test! Binders are a great way to organize each of your kids school papers so you have a one-stop reference. You can also add a section for sports and other activities. Put in a school staff contact list, important paper to reference later, special papers you want to keep. At the end of the year, toss what you don't need and transfer the "keepers" to the "keeping spot"! They are great for the kids, too! A section for each class, so they - and you - will always know what's going on! Personalized binders also make great gifts - especially for teachers! Your child will stand out - in a good way! - with a one-of-a -kind gift to start off the year!

There are pics of some of the possibilities but if you have something else in mind - different colors, shapes, etc - just let me know! I have access to and can custom create so many more things than what I have shown!
Most binders are 1", a couple of styles are 1 1/2".
Personalization can include an initial, monogram, name, or short phrase. Solid color binders may also have polka dots or other shapes added.

Binders $10
Organizing Pack that includes 5 tabs and a zipper pocket - add $1

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