Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wine Glasses

Judging by this glass - turning 40 doesn't look so bad!
$15 - includes zebra initial and short phrase on back

Here is another example of color options for a personalized wine glass...this one in purple, white and black was a custom order for a K-State fan.

Hand washing recommended.

$12 each

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Trifle dish

Yum...doesn't that just say it all? Take a basic trifle dish and put something simple in it and suddenly it's a showpiece!! If you want your dish to take center stage at your Easter - or any -gathering, this dish will do the trick. I will also include recipes and pictures for 3 easy dishes to put in it including the one shown in the picture. Personalization could also be used in place of the yum...choose a monogram or name if you would like instead. $14

Easter Buckets

Well, I may be a bit late to the game for these but since I had already made one for Carter, I thought I would throw it on here anyway! Sooo...if you haven't already gotten a special easter bucket for your special little one, it's not too late!! These are so much better than the generic Walmart ones...and you won't need to replace it every year...what a wonderful keepsake! I originally bought the buckets with boys in mind, but Emma assured me that they would be good for girls too with some girlie ribbon...who am I to argue?? And buckets are so versatile...don't need one for Easter? How about for pet toys or maybe for keeping six bottled beverages chilled for a nice evening on the deck...when it's NOT 40 degrees outside!
**Just added the "lilly" bucket...for a doggie! And after Easter this will make a handy place for her toys!
The buckets are 5.3 quarts and measure 8 1/4" L, x 7 1/8 W and 20" H (with handle). $14

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cutest hand sanitizer bottles ever!!

Oh my...I think these are my favorite thing so far! I just giggle when I look at them...I know...takes very little to amuse me. Here's what's not amusing - GERMS! These little bottles are the perfect thing to keep in every bag you and your children own...purse, gym bag, backpack, in the car. You will have the cleanest hands in town because you will want to pull this cute little thing out everywhere you go! The center bottle with the green lid is already full of hand sanitizer and is a 2.5 ounce size. I also have orange and light teal lids that I will be working on soon. The other bottles are slightly smaller - 2 ounce - and are empty so you can fill it with your own sanitizer, lotion, etc. I love the multi-dot with the "thank you very much" ribbon - skip the card (cause you know where that card is going by the end of the week - or day!) and give this to someone who deserves a special thanks...teachers, bus drivers, female coaches, female service women...and maybe even the male ones who are in touch with their feminine side! This ribbon is in limited supply...would love to find some more but got it at a special closeout so not sure that I will be able to. The second picture I have done with some team colors in mind. So far, Goddard and KU. Now, hold any snippy comments KSU and Shockers fans...gonna get some ribbon asap to make yours. And, obviously, I can do just about any team colors you would like!

Filled Bottle - $5 Empty Bottle - $4

Monday, March 15, 2010

Water Bottles


These are just like the ones in the bottom pic...



These are a small size great for little hands!


Green is in! So go easy on the throwaway bottled water and get one of these cute water bottles. It might even make you want to exercise more!! And think how great you will look at the soccer or baseball field! The style shown immediately above have a screw on cap - especially great for those people like me who don't like to drink water out of a spout! And with the handy attached lid, you don't have to worry about holding onto that - and your kids losing it - when you take a drink. I have so many different ribbon choices, font styles and colore - let's create one just for you!

Clipboard for Boy

Yay! Finally something that is for boys! This is a full size - 9x12 - clear acrylic clipboard personalized with a name. This can be customized in any color scheme, sports, etc. What a great one-of-a-kind gift to give! And great to have for your own child for car trips, waiting rooms, etc. I have many more of these to come...lots of girlie ones, too! $12

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cutesy Clipboard

This 6x9 clipboard is the perfect size for transporting on errands...add some paper, make your list, and you're off! Have a little one that loves to doodle? It's a great size for little hands as well...would be great in the car, waiting rooms, sporting events. The color shown is smoke but also comes in clear. I can customize to any color scheme you would like. This would make a great end-of-year teacher gift! I also have a 9x12 size that I hope to have completed next week...stay tuned! $8 with single initial

Just added - the same size in clear with a full name - $9

Oval Tub

This white bucket is a great size at 17" long, 8" tall and 11" deep. It would be great holding nursery necessities like diapers, wipes, and lotions...holding books - especially those large ones that never seem to fit on the bookshelf just right...perfect for a baby shower gift...and would make a great beverage bucket as well. The white color makes the possibilities endless for ribbons, dots and names/initials.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Round tubs

It's not a party until the party bucket is full! These plastic round tubs measure 8" high and 19" in diameter - that will hold a lot of fun! Backyard/pool party season is not far will be the hostess with the mostess with one of these. Or maybe you have a fun St. Paddy's Day or Easter gathering planned. I have 4 colors as shown and there are a variety of ribbon choices...i thought the yellow tub with the black/white polka dots would excite some Shocker fans! These would also be a great place to corral the classic summer fun - bubbles, sidewalk chalk, water guns, etc...have it all in one place and drag it out when needed - or take to play date or park and be the super cool mom with the tub o' fun! Or makes a great summer birthday gift! Of course the lettering and dots are customizable. Other wording thoughts: "the party is here", "summer fun", "Brenda's Brews", "Leanna's Libations"... $15

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bag Tags


These are great for diaper bags, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc. The possiblities are simply endless on background and ribbon. I can customize with any color combo you need. On the back is an information card that you can fill out just in case you - or more likely your precious child - loses it. If you don't need it to i.d. a bag, you could also use it for business cards or credit cards and driver's license when you don't need your entire wallet. Great for high school and college kids to keep track of their school id cards. The strap loops thru itself for security.

Coupon organizer

Do you clip coupons? Would you if you had this super cute coupon organizer?? Heck yes you would! If you don't want to do the grocery coupon thing (although all the cool chicks are doing it!), what about restaurant coupons and or loyalty cards and coupons from stores? Maybe to keep bills by month after they've been paid...or to keep often used recipes categorized by type of food...?? There are 12 tabs (but 13 slots) and dimensions are 10 1/4" x 5". $8