Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cutest hand sanitizer bottles ever!!

Oh my...I think these are my favorite thing so far! I just giggle when I look at them...I know...takes very little to amuse me. Here's what's not amusing - GERMS! These little bottles are the perfect thing to keep in every bag you and your children own...purse, gym bag, backpack, in the car. You will have the cleanest hands in town because you will want to pull this cute little thing out everywhere you go! The center bottle with the green lid is already full of hand sanitizer and is a 2.5 ounce size. I also have orange and light teal lids that I will be working on soon. The other bottles are slightly smaller - 2 ounce - and are empty so you can fill it with your own sanitizer, lotion, etc. I love the multi-dot with the "thank you very much" ribbon - skip the card (cause you know where that card is going by the end of the week - or day!) and give this to someone who deserves a special thanks...teachers, bus drivers, female coaches, female service women...and maybe even the male ones who are in touch with their feminine side! This ribbon is in limited supply...would love to find some more but got it at a special closeout so not sure that I will be able to. The second picture I have done with some team colors in mind. So far, Goddard and KU. Now, hold any snippy comments KSU and Shockers fans...gonna get some ribbon asap to make yours. And, obviously, I can do just about any team colors you would like!

Filled Bottle - $5 Empty Bottle - $4

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